by Ghostly Beard

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released July 14, 2017

All songs music and lyrics © 2017 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Talbot at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada
Except Limitless, recorded at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada, mixed by Andrew Gosden at Coldroom Studio, Brisbane, Australia
Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson at Hairy Monster Studio, Hull, UK

Special thanks to Andrew and Adrian for their expert ears
To Emma for her undying support, to my family for far away love
And to my daughter Sarah who is my everyday joy



all rights reserved


Ghostly Beard Montreal, Québec

Enigmatic visionary Ghostly Beard pens emotive prog-pop. From the vaults of his prismatic artistry he issues a clutch of albums.

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Track Name: Close Your Eyes
And in the end
You can't pretend you haven't wasted all those moments
Faking laughter from the darkness of your heart

Yes, my friend
You'll have to face the consequences
Of your errors and your lies, betrayals and disguise

You'd better open your eyes now
Better open your eyes...

You've made amends
But as the years go by you find yourself
More tangled in the threads of weary bitterness

Look around
There's a reason why the doors have closed
In front of you, you know they've thrown away the keys

You'd better open your eyes now
Better open your eyes...

Is such a faithful friend of yours
You can't stop looking in her eyes, attractive deadly emptiness

If there's a chance
That all your failures be redeemed
You may find peace and quiet is hiding in the loving of a child

You'd better close your eyes now
Better close your eyes...
Track Name: Frozen In Time
Floating, weightless
Looks like there's no end to
Lossless battle
On my way to never
I can let it go
I can let it go now
Heart rate slowing
I wonder

Frozen in time
I will wait for you

Drifting, drowning
Such a peaceful feeling
Flawless sinking
Into never-land
We can let it go
We can let it go now
And never ever know...

Frozen in time
I will wait for you

No more sorrow
Running under current
Silver rainbow
Lighting all our loving
I can let it go
We can let it go now
Forever together

Frozen in time
I will wait for you
Track Name: No Return
Far away the dying sun
Your rocket ship's a loaded gun

No sense of time, you're on the run
On a one way trip with no return

And as you reach the speed of light
You face your past collapsed and bright

You think of all you've left behind
No matter how, no matter why, you're
Track Name: Limitless
I'm sitting on a cloud of unravelled happiness
The city all around me has finally faded out
Now, I find, I'm so limitless

I'm listening to the sound of untainted dizziness
How much the world around me has seemingly running out
And how, in the end, I'll be featureless

I wished upon a star all my life, so powerless
No time to say goodbye to you dear, we can do without
For now, I lay there, emotionless

You shouldn't be surprised by the time you're reading that
No matter where you are I'll be near, standing by your side
My love, in the end, will be limitless
Track Name: Winter Dance
An instrumental